Il tempo dei sogni – Orange wine

All the intensity of Malvasia grown on 50-year-old vines

We waited a long time before bottling our dream: a white wine of only aromatic Malvasia di Candia with long maceration on the skins. An intense and complex wine, rich in aromatic nuances, slightly tannic, saline.

To sip in relaxation or to combine with dishes with a strong flavor.

Pairings: It goes well with savory first courses without tomato, such as carbonara and saffron risotto; crustaceans and important fish in the oven, roasted white meats and spicy white meats such as curry chicken, oriental rabbit and oriental cuisine in general. Excellent with seasoned and soft cheeses, preferably not blue cheeses, and as a meditation wine.

Service: It is advisable to serve the wine at 15°, pour slowly as it may contain a slight residue.