Genius Loci, the spirit of terroir

The meeting of local grapes with French ones reveals the unmistakable character of our territory

Genius Loci, vino di Filarole

The wine

Genius Loci is born from the meeting between our native red grapes (Barbera and Croatina) with the few red French grapes that are present in our old vines, Merlot and Pinot noir. A meeting that reveals the unmistakable character of the valley crossed by the Tidone river.

Description: an important red wine, slightly tannic. Ready to drink, suitable for medium-long aging.

Pairings: the wine goes well with robust first courses such as lasagna with Bolognese, tagliatelle with meat sauce, roast poultry and other farmyard animals, grilled meats, mature or semi-seasoned cheeses, including blue cheeses. Perfect with an important T-bone.

Service: it is recommended to serve the wine at 18°, pouring slowly may contain a slight residue.

Notes: no added sulphites


The vintages

The vintage: in our territory the 2019 vintage was characterized by a warm climate in early spring followed by a freezing and rainy May, by a hot and dry summer and a very balanced climate in the period prior to the harvest. Harvest was about fifteen days later compared to the climatic trends of recent years.

Formats: bottle 0,75 ml and magnum 1,5lt

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