Filarole red wine

A red wine in witch the powerful and pleasant acidity of Barbera grapes stands out. Easy to drink everyday.

Rosso Filarole, natural wine

The wine

Description: a red wine easy to drink in which the powerful and pleasant acidity of Barbera stands out. Ready to drink,
suitable for medium aging.

Matching: this wine suits easily with appetizers and snacks based on cured meats, it goes well with pasta dishes, grilled meats or in simple cooking, fresh or semi-aged cheeses. You can also pair this wine with important fish soups or roasted fatty fish, for example grilled eel. Perfect with lasagna Bolognese, tripe, stewed legumes.

Service: we suggest serving the wine at 15 °, pouring slowly: it may contain a slight residue.

Notes: no added sulphites

The vintages

The vintage: in our territory the 2019 vintage was characterized by a warm climate in early spring followed by a freezing and rainy May, by a hot and dry summer and a very balanced climate in the period prior to the harvest. Harvest was about fifteen days later compared to the climatic trends of recent years.

Formats: bottle 0,75ml, magnum 1500ml

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Vintage: in our territory the 2018 vintage was characterized by abundant winter and spring rains, high summer temperatures and a very balanced climate in the period before the harvest.

Format: bottle 0,75ml and magnum 1,5lt