The wines of Filarole

Vineyard wines, small quantities, old vines cultivated with respect, recovery of traditions. This is where our wines come from.

The wines of Filarole

We produce wine for family consumption since 2009, from local white and red grapes that were donated by friends until we purchased our first vineyard.

Simple vinifications: just grapes pressed with feet. Bunches from old plants, chosen one by one, eliminating imperfect ones. Wines respectful of terroir and local traditions. It was a beautiful training course that allowed us to learn by doing.

With this “cultural baggage” we arrived at the first vinification of the grapes harvested in our vineyard in the vintage 2017; a white wine and a red one: Fatto coi piedi bianco and Red Filarole (based on Barbera). Vineyard wines, small quantities, maceration on the skins for both red and white.

These wines are bottled as soon as they are ready with the words White WineRed Wine, in a light Bordeaux bottle closed with Nomacorc cap. Because respect for the environment is not only practiced in the vineyard, but also through small daily choices like these.

The wines we produce from old vines