The wines of Filarole

Vineyard wines, small quantities, old vines cultivated with respect, recovery of traditions. This is where our wines come from.

I vini di Filarole

We have been producing wine for family consumption since 2009, from local red and white grapes that were given to us by friends until the purchase of our vineyard. Simple vinification: grapes and that’s it.

In 2017 Filarole was born and we chose to make wine with grapes from old vines, all our plants are at least 40 years old and some of them are up to 100 years old. In the vineyard we practice organic farming.

We choose the bunches one by one, eliminating those that are not perfect in order to work in the cellar without adding anything to the grapes except a few sulphites just when needed. We try to obtain wines that respect the territory, local traditions and the vintage. The grapes are mainly those of Piacenza: aromatic Malvasia di Candia, Ortrugo and Trebbiano with white grapes, Barbera and Croatina with red grapes.

Our wines are bottled in a light Bordeaux bottle closed with a Nomacorc cap. Because respect for the environment is not only practiced in the vineyard, but also through small daily choices like these.

The wines we produce from old vines