Santa Pazienza, the power of time

Santa Pazienza, croatina riserva

Pure Croatina from the 100 years old vineyard

Santa Pazienza (holy patience): we waited for the full ripening of the grapes, harvested them in the second half of October and let them ferment with the skins for 40 days. The wine is deep and suitable for a long aging.

Pairings: furred game, long-cooked beef, long aging cheeses. We also enjoyed it with a wild boar stew marinated in the same wine, with parmigiana or with amatriciana.

Service: it is recommended to serve the wine at 18°, pouring slowly may contain a slight residue.

Notes: no added sulphites. In a good cave you can age it for 15 years.

The vintage: in our territory the 2019 vintage was characterized by a warm climate in early spring followed by a freezing and rainy May, by a hot and dry summer and a very balanced climate in the period prior to the harvest. Harvest was about fifteen days later compared to the climatic trends of recent years.

Formats: bottle 750 ml