Riccioli neri: red sweet sparkling

Riccioli neri - vino rosso dolce frizzante di Filarole

Riccioli neri (Black Curls) is a sweet red wine slightly sparkling obtained from Croatina grapes harvested by hand slightly overripe and left in the crades one week for a short drying.

Pressing, 4 days in contact with the skins, racking. Frequent decanting to slow down the fermentation, the cold of winter will stop it completely.

In spring filtration with a Dutch bag and bottling for second fermentation in the bottles.

Pairings: in our valley this wine used to be served in taverns during afternoon snack, while eating salumi (coppa, pancetta, salame), tart with plum jam or dry pastries.

Service: we suggest serving at 15° C. pouring slowly may contain a slight residue

Notes: no added sulphites