The project: wine and organic agriculture

Our passion for wine and for the area in which we live has given birth to an agricultural project to give value to what there is

We live in the hills of Pianello Val Tidone in the western valley of the Piacenza hills. In the last twenty years we have seen in this valley abandoned fields and vineyards, fertile and productive plots become uncultivated, thickets. The superficial landslides, characteristic of this hilly system, become more frequent and destroy cultivations, rural houses, roads and paths. We have seen young people abandon the land, gardens and old varieties of fruit disappear, the loss of biodiversity. From all this comes our agricultural project, a little attempt to revitalize these hills.

Wine from old vines in Val Tidone

Our passion for wine led us to buy an old abandoned vineyard (vineyard Gabbiano), surrounded by abandoned cultivations and practically become a forest again. We have chosen organic farming, not to eradicate old vines, to replace the missing ones with self-produced vine rooted with genetic material from our mother plants. We want to practice biologically and economically sustainable agriculture, we are trying to create a project that can be an example in our valley, as well as giving jobs.

“Clean” grapes without residues of synthetic molecules allow us to obtain a healthy wine, respectful of the vintage, of the consumer and, above all, of ourselves who are the first to drink it. A good wine, sold at a fair price, for us who produce it and for those who drink it.

After the first year of experimentation, we rented 2 hectares of vineyard abandoned for several years (vineyard of Ca Nuova Pisani). Position suited to viticulture, breathtaking view, excellent exposure, suitable for the production of high quality grapes where are planted the 4 classic varieties of Piacenza: Barbera, Bonarda (croatina), Malvasia Aromatica di Candia and Ortugo.