Giuàn, red wine from old vines

Giuàn, barbera riserva

Old vines aged between 80 and 100 years, power and elegance of Barbera

Giuàn was a man who drank barbera all his long life. We dedicate this wine to him and to the love for barbera grapes that he transmitted to us.

Description: the grapes of the old Barbera vineyards make this wine complex and balanced, both on the nose and in the mouth. The elegant acidity typical of Barbera is accompanied by pleasant fruity notes that evolve in the glass, sip after sip. Important wine, suitable for long aging.

Pairings: The most typical pairing for this wine is with important red meats, furred game, long-aged cheeses. Thanks to its acidity, it also pleasantly accompanies first courses in broth from the traditional cuisine of northern Italy.

Service: we suggest to serve the wine at 18°, pour slowly as it may contain a slight residue.

Notes: no added sulphites

The vintage: in our territory the 2019 vintage was characterized by a warm climate at the beginning of spring followed by a cold and rainy May, by a hot and dry summer and a very balanced climate in the period preceding the harvest, which was about fifteen days late compared to the climatic trend of recent years.

Formats: bottle 0,75ml

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