Gabbiano vineyard

The Gabbiano vineyard is composed of 3 unified plots in which there are old plants of Barbera, Bonarda and aromatic Malvasia di Candia. They are 6000 square meters. of vineyard on the coast of the hill that looks south-west on the valley of the river Tidone at a height of about 400m. It is a small oasis of organic farming, even the surrounding fields are in fact kept according to this agricultural principle and border forest areas.
Mappa della vigna di gabbiano

We took the vineyard in our hands in January 2017 after 4 years of neglect. The first months of the year were very demanding: first an intense job of cleaning the rows by cutting brambles, canine roses and vitalba, small and lesser trees in and around the vineyard, then a strong pruning to bring the plants back to a more civilized form. Seeing the birth of the gems in spring was a great emotion, almost as much as reaping the first fruits in the 2017 harvest.

We have thus begun to understand and recognize the characteristics of each plant. Being very old plants, probably obtained from mass selection, they have differentiated their characteristics: very lush plants with large and rich bunches, others with small bunches with small berries, etc.

Our agricultural project does not stop at the vineyards. The next step we will take in the land of Gabbiano will be to restore the orchard where there are many fruit plants of old varieties that have lasted over time.

The changes along time of Gabbiano vines