About us

A family adventure born on the hills of Tidone Valley from the love for land, wine and old vines

On the hills of Piacenza, the western province of Emilia Romagna not far from Milano,  Filarole is the word that old people use to speak of a small vineyard, just as our first parcel of old abandoned vines in Gabbiano.

The adventure started in january 2017 but was germinating since a long time. We came and live on the hills of Piacenza several years ago in a house immersed in a spectacular nature. At first we learned to know the fascinating territory of Tidone Valley, then curiosity and a deep love for wines and agriculture pushed us to explore the territory of the Piacenza hills, meet the winegrowers and wanting to enhance their work through our online communication work. This is how were born the websites Vinipiacentini.net in 2004 and Sorgentedelvino.it in 2008.

But this distance relationship was not enough: in 2009 the desire to put in direct contact the winemakers with the people who drink the wine gave birth to the event Sorgentedelvino LIVE and the desire to know and experiment has given birth to our first home-made wine: the white wine Fatto coi Piedi (in English: Made with feet).

Filarole is a family adventure. Each of the four of us gives his small or big contribution, even the guys who look with eyes always attentive and learn to understand the life of the vineyard and what happens in the cellar while the grapes become wine.